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Our Prices for Translations

Translation fees are first and foremost a question of the length of the text. Other factors such as language, subject matter, complexity and deadlines, however, also have an impact on the price. If a translation must be completed within a very short period of time, we must add an express surcharge. A certification fee becomes due for each document of a certified translation. You can send us the documents for translation by post, email, fax or courier, attach them to our online contact form or bring them to our office yourself. Our professional ethics are your assurance that we will, of course, maintain confidentiality about your documents.

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Interpreting: Time Counts

Sometimes interpreting services can be billed on an hourly basis; sometimes a daily rate makes more sense. There are several important questions that must be answered when determining the price. What language combination will be interpreted? Is the setting a conference, or do you want an interpreter for a wedding? How long will the interpreter be required? How many interpreters will you need? What type of interpreting is called for – escort interpreting, consecutive interpreting, negotiation-level interpreting, conference interpreting or simultaneous interpreting? Will travel or overnight accommodation expenses be incurred?

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